Healthgarde International (Pty) Ltd is a leading direct selling company specializing in the wellness industry in Africa. As a company, we are committed to making a difference in the daily lives of many families from Cape Town to Lagos and are passionate about building wealth for people through wellness.

We offer people from all backgrounds, the opportunity to own their own business and realize their dreams of financial independence regardless of education, culture and age. Our independent network of entrepreneurs, not only empower their own lives but improve the lives of others by selling products that people love and trust.

Our two iconic brands – Sportron and Swissgarde, each has a heritage of 25+ years and has improved the wellness of hundreds of thousands of customers.

Our products are naturally inspired and scientifically formulated to bring you the best of nature combined with the principles of green chemistry. We craft our products with integrity, expertise and innovation and we do it responsibly, taking care of our earth at the same time. For three decades product integrity has been our hallmark. For decades product integrity has been our hallmark and has been the inspiration for our new branded product range, called Healthgarde.

“This business is not measured by how much money you make, but by how many people you help and how many lives you change.”

– Robert T. Kiyosaki


Healthgarde creates positive impact in Africa by Promoting Physical & Financial Wellness and Growing Entrepreneurs.

Healthgarde Vision

Healthgarde creates Positive
Impact in Africa by
promoting physical &
financial wellness and
growing entrepreneurs.

Healthgarde Mission

We strive to provide our
consultants with unique
products of the highest quality
while delivering an unbeatable
compensation plan which will
enrich and change the lives of

Our Values

We believe in Integrity
We believe in Leadership
We believe in Innovation
We believe in Professionalism
We believe in Passion
We believe in Family


What are we committed to? Making a difference!

We believe in people

We are not confused by the reality of doubt, lack of ego, integrity or the propensity to do wrong.

We believe in network marketing

We are not confused by the reality of difficult recruiting times, stock shortage, shortage of cash, overwhelming loans and debts, but we believe in our method – it gives us the opportunity to interact with people and give them a greater vision for change and enhancement.

We believe in economic wellbeing and the ability to enjoy a better quality of life, better education, better holidays, a better house, a better bank balance.

We believe in our country

We are not confused by the reality of political expediency, of corruption in high places, of crime and the rest, but we believe that in some small way, we can make a difference in value, in contribution, in perspective of potential.

We believe in overall wellness and health

We are not confused by diabetes, cancer, digestive problems, HIV, anxiety, isolation and hopelessness, but we believe that wellness includes physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health and we see it as our task to share the principles that govern total wellness.

We believe in giving

We are not confused by the reality of the short term, about the anxiety of loss and losing but we believe that those who give freely will gain even more than those who withhold.

We believe in the power of dream

We are not confused about the reality of sadness, of distraction, of short term defeat, but we believe that there are good people out there who will make a difference – we believe in the transforming power of the dream and the vision.

We believe in serving

We are not confused about the selfishness of self-serving, the arrogance of detachment and self-absorption, but we believe in the opportunity of serving others, not in servility but for the purpose of fulfilling the universal law of sowing and reaping.

We believe in making a difference

We are not confused about the reality of life but we believe that one person given new hope, new faith, new love, will impact on thousands of others and improve our world.