Healthgarde products are made with the highest quality and standards. We are confident that you will be completely satisfied with them. We therefore appeal that you inspect your order upon receipt.

If you find that a product is damaged or defective, you may return it directly to Healthgarde or through the Distributor whom it was purchased from, within 5 calendar days of purchase for an exchange. The product must have been used from its original container and according to label instruction. At no time and under no circumstance may a Healthgarde product be repackaged. It is illegal to repackage any Healthgarde product.

Due to the Healthgarde products being health supplements and for the safety of all our customers / consultants, we only allow for a return or refund in the case of defective or damaged products. Should you wish to return your order either due to defect or damage, you may request an exchange or a full refund. An exchange is dependent on availability of the requested exchange while refunds are processed within 7 workings days of the refund request being processed at the Healthgarde depot or customer care centre.

For refunds, Healthgarde requires the product in its original package, proof of purchase, proof of payment and bank confirmation letter (not more than 3 months old). Note all refunds are done via EFT.

For exchanges, Healthgarde requires the product in its original package, proof of purchase and proof of payment. Healthgarde reserves the right to refuse repetitive returns.

For shipping, ensure you have provided the correct shipping details to Healthgarde as Healthgarde uses 3rd party courier services and is not responsible for failure in delivery due to wrong delivery information.

Should you have any further enquiries on returns, refunds or shipping, please contact us on [email protected]