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In the beginning of 2017 my wife, Notemba Dlova, introduced me to the Ascendis brand of healthcare products. As a pharmacist I was initially sceptical as there are thousands of products in the market today that are purported to cure all sorts of conditions. When I looked at the Foodstate Technology that is used to develop the Sportron Nutricare range I decided to switch to the Sportron Nutricare products. In the same year, June 2017, I embarked on the Comrades dream, to go for my first medal in the Comrades 2018 Marathon. I joined an athletic club, started training on the 1st July 2017, and I decided that the Sportron Nutricare range would be part of my training program and health maintenance goals.

In the process my staple products have been Atron for joint and musculoskeletal health, Calcitone to strengthen my bones, Omegatone for its anti-inflammatory properties, and Magnetone d for muscle health to prevent cramping.The Sportron Energizer has been the core of my shakes and smoothies which I take before endurance training and races, during the race…

I also added Ultragarde Forte, C-Gard, Haemoplex for vitamins, energy, and antioxidants to prevent oxidative stresses that result from endurance exercise.

The training program together with the Sportron Nutricare range has enabled me to achieve peak performance, and more importantly to run injury free.

And the Comrades Marathon 2018 dream has been achieved


My son is turning 4 this year and is very prone to a runny nose and upper respiratory infection, especially as he attends a nursery school and they tend to make each other sick.

On the advice of Ida I decided to try the Respitron Syrup as well as the Infagard drops.
Just before starting the vitamins my son started getting a runny nose, once we started giving him the syrup and drops we could immediately see a difference.

His nose stopped running and he had a lot more energy.
I would definitely recommend the Sportron range. As a mom that has been struggling from the beginning to keep my son healthy the syrup and the drops have definitely helped him get his immunity up.
I actually can’t wait for winter to see the difference then.


“Since 1971 I have had pimples and acne on my face. I have used every available medication and supplements in the market but to no avail. I have visited Dermatologists for more than 10 years using medication such as Tetracycline, Minocycline, Isotretinoin and Multi-vitamins as prescribed by the doctor, but all these just improved my face for a while and became worse after 3 months or so. Prior to 1990 I used Golden Products and at one stage my face burnt after using a specific liquid lotion and I became pitch black in colour. In 1996 I was introduced to Swissgarde Royal Jelly Capsules and in later years to Skin, Hair and Nails and I experienced a difference on my face to date. Pimples and acne are under control. I used soaps such as Skin smoothing Soap, Tea tree Oil soap and Skin saver Soap as well as Skin Saver Cream to apply on daily basis and I am happy. I am continuing to use them and will try Marina Spa Wonder Liquid soon.

Secondly I had problems with bloating, flatulence and constipation since I was a boy 16 of years or so and used everything I could get hold of from Pharmacists, Chemists and doctors but kept on struggling. I consumed various laxatives to help the situation but after a while the problem starts again. I have also used traditional methods to cleanse the colon but the results were the same. Swissgarde Aloe Power and Buchu Power keep my gut and tummy feeling healthy again. The Sportron Coloplex is mild and very effective in dealing with constipation, bloating and flatulence too. I feel very healthy.

Thirdly, in November 2001, I was diagnosed as being Type 2 Diabetic.. I use medication every day of my life and each month I go to the doctor to check my blood sugar level and blood pressure as well as paying for my monthly supply (Metformin, Glycomin, Aspirin etc). My sugar level has always been above 10 milimoles per litre and the doctor said he is giving me the highest dose and if the sugar level does not go down he will soon administer my treatment using insulin injection every day. I am a very fortunate person due to the fact that I am now using Sportron International Sugar Balance Pack – Glucoplex and Omegatone. For the first time since October 2016 my Sugar level was at 5.5 milimoles per litre. For the past 5 months it has never exceeded 8.5.My Doctor is surprised and I have shown him what I use (Sugar balance Pack).

Fourthly, I must say Teagard Reshape is a wonder product if you want to reshape your body. I had a big tummy and tried everything available in the market to slim but could not improve. Now with routine exercises, good diet and consumption of Teagard Reshape, I can see the positive results. It works. I am able to wear my suits and button them up without any hindrance. Believe me, I look smart wearing them.

What a success I have achieved through Swissgarde: Buying brand new cars of my dreams, Seeing more than ten overseas countries at no expense to myself, accolades and best recognition ever. Building my “state of the art” Depot, being able to do whatever I want financially whenever I desire to, the list is endless. But most of all, my satisfaction with both Swissgarde products and Sportron International products is being able to change people’s lives for the better for the past 18 years to date. This is my true story.”

Tom Fonseca


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