30 ML TABLETS | CODE 218835080 005



lnfagard, with powerful ingredients such as Echinacea, Goldenseal and Garlic, should be used to help the body manage symptoms such as: Coughing, Sneezing, Body aches and pains, Sore throats, Congestion, Chills, Upset stomach.


Dosage and directions for use:

Children: 2 – 5 drops in a little water 3 times a day.
Adults: 15 – 20 drops under the tongue three times a day.
In times of increased need: dose can be taken every two hours.


Each contains:
Ingredients Quantity
Echinacea, Garlic, Peppermint, Yarrow, Lemon Verbena, Tangerine, Astragalus, Chamomile and Golden seal in an alcohol base.