Live Well with Swissgarde

Swissgarde products harness the best of nature’s indigenous herbal remedies and natural medicines, to promote a trusted and sage range of superior products that

  • Replenish the body with key nutrients
  • Renew by supporting key processes in the body
  • Fortify body cells by adding natural defense mechanisms.
  • Protect the body and help to prevent disease the natural way.

Most of Swissgarde’s key ingredients are derived from plants that healers and herbalists have been using for centuries. We have sourced the purest, highest quality natural ingredients from the open planes of the savannah, acress the vast Kalahari desert to Africa’s lush tropical forest.

The Swissgarde Difference:

Garlic – used for 5000 years with a lonk known benefit on reducing blood cholestrol levels and the cloves are used widely for infections.

African Potato – this well-known African plant is part of the Tulip family and has a long traditional use for its immune boosting properties.

Aloe Vera – one of the oldest medicinally used herbs, known especially for topical use on wounds and burns. It was also a favourite purgative during the Middle Ages.

Buchu – native to South Africa, and used by the Khoisan as a general health tonic and for flushing the kidneys.

Royal Jelly – obtained from the Beehive and is produced by bees to feed the queen bee. Royal Jelly contains Vitamin B complex, amino acid, mineral and rare, valuable fatty acid.

Marine Kelp – rich in nutrients.

Tea Tree – is a small tree rich in oil.

Turmeric – is native to Asia and widely used as a spice and a treament for illness.